A wonderful opportunity of living and working in northern Spain.

The Basque Country is one of Spain’s most distinctive regions. Tucked between the green Pyrenees and the rugged Atlantic coast, this is the homeland of the Basques, one of the oldest cultures in Europe and speakers of a language related to no other on Earth. These ancient roots have evolved into a thoroughly modern region whose renowned cuisine, world-class cultural attractions, sublime landscapes and the highest quality of life in Spain make it a solid choice for expats.

We are an innovative and forward-looking language services company based in six locations in Spain and one more in Italy, who pioneered the introduction of the European Language Portfolio in the region.

Apart from language courses, our company offers also translation and interpretation services, guided tours and recruiting service in different sectors.

KOMA was created in 1999 in Oñati, and today is one of the 3 largest linguistic companies in the Basque Country. Our work and values originate from Switzerland, and we pride ourselves on the basic company values of sincerity, punctuality, professionalism and above all, the fulfillment of promises. In total we have 7 schools: 2 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao, Pamplona, Oñati, Mondragón; and 1 in Civitanova Marche in Italy. What’s more, we can count on our representatives in Basel and Lucerne, Switzerland.

Currently there are about 200 teachers from 26 different countries working for KOMA and giving classes in 18 languages, to kids, teenagers and adults and even for business purposes.

Every year teachers are offered free training courses all year long. Teachers who speak little or no Spanish receive free Spanish lessons. There are company cars available for personal use that can be rented.

Be part of a nice team and share your ideas and resources!

Speaker: Marzia Nuara


Speaker’s Bio: To be confirmed

Sponsor: Koma Language Services

Stand 27: Koma Language Services

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