How Can You Get a Job? Or a Better Job?

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  • Certificate
  • Profesional training
  • Experience
  • Your students’ needs
  • Materials
  • Registered centre

First, you have to be trained to at least certificate level.

Secondly, you need to be professional, like a doctor or a lawyer, and this means you need to continue your professional training! If you were looking for a teacher, would you prefer a teacher with 10 years’ experience or a teacher with one year’s experience 10 times? Good doctors and lawyers do not just have one solution for all their clients problems, they provide a range.

So your training needs to include not only pedagogical and methodological input, but also other information
related to your field like the different options for your students’ needs e.g. assessment (how many exams are available and what is the difference between them?), increase the range of textbooks and materials that you know and use (how many DO you know/use?), could you present something at a conference or at an in-centre training meeting?

Trinity has nearly 3000 registered centres in Spain alone, so if you don’t know us, it might be a good place to start.



Joe del Río

Joe is the Spain & Portugal Trinity College ISE Support Manager.


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Trinity College London


Trinity College London is one of the most importante examination boards for speakers of English as a Second Language, and hundreds of thousands of students in Spain and the rest of the world take the Trinity GESE and ISE exams every year.

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