TED Talks – more than just listenings

TED Talks are often used for listening practice in ESL lessons. But can they be used for more? This talk will explore 10 ways to use TED Talks to improve students’ communicative abilities and help prepare them for English examinations. Lessons plan ideas and useful resources will be provided.

Find out about …

  • Speaking activities
  • Reading activities
  • Lesson plan ideas
  • Building students’ confidence
  • Speaknig activities
  • Writing activities

Speaker: Kirsten Brown


Speaker’s Bio: Kirsten Brown moved to Spain from Canada in 2015 and joined the IC Bilbao team in September of that same year. She has taught a variety of classes including teens, adults, businesses and intensive exam preparation. Before becoming an English teacher, she worked in government for eight years.

Sponsor: IC bilbao idiomas


Sponsor’s Bio: IC Bilbao Idiomas has been an English Academy since 1994. It specialises in teaching a wide range of students from kids and teens to adults and business.

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