Cambridge English – Online tools

Cambridge English – Online tools

In a developing digital world, teachers have access to a variety of online tools which will help them transform the way they teach English. Learn about all the applications and websites that are available from Cambridge Assessment English and see how to make the most of them!

Find out about ...

  • The digital framework and how it can help you develop your skills as a teacher
  • All the free online applications provided to you by Cambridge Assessment English and obtain tips on how to effectively use them in the classroom
  • Learn the basics of gamification and how it can make your English classes more dynamic and bring you faster results
  • See what professional development opportunities from Cambridge Assessment English are available to you, both online and face-to-face!

Speaker: Ewa Skurczynska

Spainwise North Conference speaker   
Speaker's Bio: Ewa Skurczynska has worked for Cambridge Assessment English since 2015. Before joining the organisation, she prepared adults for Cambridge examinations and taught English to preschool and primary school children. Since joining Cambridge Assessment English, she has been involved in organising teacher training events, creating content for teachers, and coordinating bilingual government projects.  She holds an MA in Translation by the University of Silesia in Katowice and speaks English, Spanish and Polish to C2 level.

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