There´s no learning without FUN | The Direct Method Revolution

There´s no learning without FUN | The Direct Method Revolution

We take a look at Why the Direct Method is helping students achieve effective and natural communication in record time. We all know what it´s like to hit a brick wall when trying to learn a foreign language and to hesitate and stutter while trying to speak it. The Direct Method is a fast and efficient way of making a breakthrough with your students.

Find out about ...

  • Learn how to deliver knowledge without lifting a pen
  • Connect naturally with students while saving on preparation time
  • Enhance learner´s conversational skills
  • Really get to know your students and have some banter with them! Who says teaching English can´t be fun?

Speakers: Calum Omand & Cindy Aguiar

   Calum Omand & Cindy Aguiar Number 16 School 
Speaker's Bio: Calum & Cindy have worked in the EFL sector for over 5 years, both starting as teachers with Number 16 after a TEFL Course in their homeland (Scottland and South Africa respectively). Calum and Cindy have progressed in Number 16: from teachers to Team Leaders to now Director of Studies in our N16 Zaragoza centres. Calum´s background in the UK was in Retail Management and Cindy has a Masters in Neuropsycology.

Sponsor: Number 16 School

Sponsor's Bio: Number 16 has been successfully helping students to achieve their goals for over a decade in a friendly and multi-cultural working environment. Using the extensive experience of our best teachers we have created our own Direct Method for both children and adults. We currently have over than 5000 students in our 4 centres located in Zaragoza, Valencia and Madrid, and we are opening 2 new centres this year. More than 100 native speaking teachers are already part of the Number 16 family, so come find out if you´ve got what it takes!  

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