The Better the Qualification, the Better the Job Offers!

The Better the Qualification, the Better the Job Offers!

The days when simply being able to speak English was enough to get you a TEFL job in Spain are long gone. But what DO you need to get, and do, a teaching job? What qualifications do you need? In this workshop, Aidan O'Toole shares insider knowledge to help you get the job of your dreams.

Find out about ...

  • TEFL, EFL, TESOL, CELTA. What is the difference?
  • Full-time and Part-time training options.
  • A typical day on a training course.
  • The course requirements.
  • Career opportunities in Spain and elsewhere.
  • What previous trainees say about the course.

Speaker: Aidan O’Toole

Aidan O’Toole
Speaker's Bio: Although Irish by birth, Aidan O’Toole has been living in Spain for over 25 years. During that time he has had many different roles, including teacher of English, Head of Studies, school-owner, examiner for Cambridge Assessment English, inspector for Trinity College London, treasurer of ACEIA (the Association of Private Language Schools in Andalucía), secretary and vicepresidente of FECEI (the National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain). He has been president of FECEI since 2014, as well as coordinator of the Spainwise National TEFL Job Fairs and Course Manager at Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment (in Cordoba, Spain).

Sponsor: Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment

Sponsor's Bio: Spainwise Teacher Training & Recruitment is an accredited Trinity College London Teacher Training Centre in Cordoba, the heart of Andalucía. We have been helping teachers find teaching jobs in Spain for over a decade.

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