How to Survive with Young Learners

How to Survive with Young Learners

Whether you're an experienced teacher or a newbie, teaching from ages 0 – 5 years can be a daunting task. This workshop will talk about why all teachers should take on this challenge at one point in their career and will also give tips and activities to use when coping with different situations.

Find out about ...

  • Reasons why you should teach young learners at least once in your career
  • What to expect within your first few lessons
  • The main differences between each age group 
  • Quick and easy improvisational activities to use
  • Useful websites for games and songs

Speakers: Ali Stephen

Ali Stephen - Teacher at IC Bilbao idiomas   
Speakers' Bio: Originally from Manchester, Ali has been teaching in IC Bilbao since September last year. After obtaining a degree in English Literature, she moved to Jaén and spent two years working in a private school and an academy as an English Teacher.

Sponsor: WeGoLingo Bilbao

Sponsor's Bio: Wegolingo has a range of language exchange events that takes place every week here in Bilbao. We have one-on-one speed dating exchanges or World events where people can come and practice any langauge they would like.