What are my rights teaching in Spain? – Experts Panel

What are my rights teaching in Spain? – Experts Panel

Come and ask our expert panel any questions that you have related to your contract, your working conditions and whether you're being treated fairly.
Teaching English as a foreign language is an absolutely incredible experience but changing career, often moving country and knowing your rights can be a little daunting.  It seems to us there is never quite the right person to ask.
Come along to our open discussion with our panel of experts where we address some frequently asked questions and then open the floor for a Q&A!

Find out about ...

  • How do work visas work for non EU citizens?
  • Where do I go if I have complaints about my employer?
  • What are my rights regarding discrimination against non-native speakers?
  • And lots more!

Speakers: Noni Gilbert, Puri Lamas, Melissa Thomson+ more to be confirmed

Noni Gilbert - Spainwise North Speaker

Noni Gilbert

She has been involved in the running of a language school in Ávila for over 30 years, indeed since before Spain was a full member of the EU, and has long been in charge of recruitment and contracts for her school. She is also president of ACLID, the regional association of language schools in Castilla-León, and is often called on to give advice on legal matters. She has her fair share of anecdotes to tell. She does not, however, know what is going to happen with Brexit.

Puri Lamas

HR Director at IC Bilbao Idiomas, Puri Lamas has over twenty five years of teaching experience and has taught English to young learners, teenagers, adults and professionals, at all levels. She has vast experience of preparing students for exams including Cambridge, Trinity and teaching English for specific purposes. As well as a degree in English, Puri has a Masters in Translation from the Institute of Linguistics. She has a keen interest in phonology and specialises in teaching phonetics to students and training other teachers.
Melissa Thomson

Melissa Thomson

Melissa has worked in EFL for over 15 years. Before moving to Bilbao she taught young learners at private language schools in Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, and adult ESOL learners in her native Scotland. She has been living in the Basque Country for over 8 years, and works for the British Council teaching and training teachers as well as working freelance in a primary school. For the past 5 years she has been an administrator for the Bilbao English Teachers facebook group, which has over 1500 members. She has a degree in linguistics, a CELTA, DipTESOL and a certificate in Educational Management. In this 15 year career she's worked in the best and worst of places, and is happy to share anecdotes about all of these experiences!

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