Feminism and ELT

Feminism and ELT

Last year, movements such as the Women's marches and the #Metoo campaign proved to the world that Feminism is not an old-fashioned and overused label anymore. Indeed, even the US dictionary Merriam-Webster selected Feminism as its "Word of the Year" in 2017. Feminism has never been as relevant to society as it is now and, I believe that the ELT industry is no exception.

Find out about ...

  • The importance of Feminism in today's society
  • As a feminist teacher, should we teach inclusive language to our students?
  • Linking current social issues to the ELT classroom
  • Classroom as a medium for girls' empowerment.

Speaker: Daphné Sonier

Daphné Sonar - Teacher at IC Bilbao Idiomas   
Speaker's Bio:
Daphne moved to Bilbao to teach English full time in September 2017. Previous to that she completed her master's degree in TESOL in Ireland specializing in Feminism and Linguistics. She teaches all levels and ages but particularly enjoys exciting debates with her adult students.

Sponsor: IC Bilbao idiomas

Sponsor's Bio:
IC Bilbao Idiomas has been an English Academy since 1994. It specialises in teaching a wide range of students from kids and teens to adults and business.