Continuing Professional Development – where do I go from here?

Continuing Professional Development – where do I go from here?

Choosing the most appropriate continuing professional development (CPD) path can be a confusing and frustrating experience, but at the same time it is extremely important if we are to progress as teachers. In this session we will begin by looking at how to identify exactly what our training needs are, and what different types of training are generally available. We will then look at some of the courses and qualifications offered by Cambridge English, and how they may meet specific training needs.

Find out about ...

  • How to identify training needs for ELT teachers.
  • Matching teaching courses to specific training needs.
  • Teaching courses and qualifications offered by Cambridge English
  • Types of available training for ELT teachers.

Speaker: Jane Delaney

Speakers Bio:

Jane Delaney is a Primary school teacher, and lives in Tarragona (Spain). She is an experienced Examiner, Examiner Trainer and Teacher Trainer for Cambridge English. She has given many workshops and sessions on Teaching Younger Learners, and has written various materials. She is particularly interested in CLIL and getting children and teenagers to speak and write.    

Sponsor: Cambridge Assessment English

Sponsor's Bio:

Part of the University of Cambridge, we develop the most valuable range of qualifications for over 5 million learners and teachers of English. In over 130 countries around the world, 23,000 universities, employers, governments and other organisations recognise our qualifications as proof of English language ability. In Cambridge Assessment English, we help people learn English and prove their skills to the world.